Lokum Games

A publisher like the Turkish delight.

Lokum Games knows no excuses, no boundaries, provides fast solutions, always shoots at selective targets and it always hits the bullseye. Lokum Games, is the new vanguard and trendsetter of the industry. Its wise and masterful touch is needed to care for to the fast growing garden of Turkish Game Industry. Armed with her sister developer companies and experienced work force, with flexibility to bend, but not break before the constant storm of the market, it will be able to reach its targets with unerring accuracy, most importantly in time.

Lokum Games consists of young and dynamic professionals who are aware of the hardships of game industries’ localization, publishing, and adaptation difficulties, and dedicated themselves to provide innovative solutions to these problems using new approaches and most recent technology without hesitation.

Unlike other publishers, Lokum Games crew knows how to produce games, and offers not only the know-how to development studios, but also supports them on the subjects of marketing, distribution and localization of their products by utilising the sister development companies’ power and experience.

Lokum Games’ reactors works with spot-on data, right strategy and accurate analysis, using the innovative tools it has developed completely in house to handle data gathering, product management, and quality assurance. This gives the product the cutting edge it needs.