Madbyte Games

We Want You To Get Mad!

Founded in 2012, MadByte Games has a team that consists of people who had worked together in Turkey’s well-known AAA projects for years. The team grew larger by welcoming young, talented developers who are devoted to developing games, and with all its resources, focused on developing an MMOFPS (Massively Multiplayer First Person Shooter), Zula, which will be published both in Turkey and also globally.

Zula is a free to play MMOFPS game that is inspired by the TV shows and movies which are a huge success in Middle East and North Africa Region. Zula has a great local content that has never been seen in the genre. Complete localization options are also one of a kind. With its advanced game system and better graphics than seen in the free to play MMOFPS genre, Zula can compete with any rival game in the world.